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Thread: letter problem

  1. emma.braganza

    letter problem

    Hello, i am applying for a job using e-mail however, i do know know whether the person is male or female, who do i address it to? do i put dear sirs or to whom this may concern which sounds unnessecary when i know the name of the person. please help
    many thanks

    emma braganza

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    Re: letter problem

    If you have a name, then use it. When you say you do not know if it is a man or a woman, does that mean you only have a surname? If so then you could say Dear Mr / Ms xxxxxx.

    If there is no name, and this is your initial approach, then you do not need a salutation. Your e-mail should start with the statement "With reference to your advertisement in XXXXX for [position], I would like to apply for this." Then give very brief information and ask for your application to be considered, and for any information on the job to be sent to you.

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    Re: letter problem

    Looks like you've got a serious problem here. But I will advise against using Dear Sir or Madem because I was told once by an american that people usually throw your letter away when they feel they're not treated seriously(since you don't even know their names, or worse, you don't care).
    Why don't you post the name here and let the native speakers to take a look? They probably can tell whether it's a male or female name.

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