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    I Need Help!!!

    How Much Do U Think I Should Charge For A 100 Pages Translation

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    Re: I Need Help!!!

    How long do you think it will take you? What are the average freelance translation rates? Is it a technical text or conversational? All of these things will be a factor in what you should charge.

    I think you should avoid the "word" U in your quotation for services, however.

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    Re: I Need Help!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by moonlightdance27 View Post
    How Much Do U Think I Should Charge For A 100 Pages Translation
    The amount that you charge for any work depends on your goals, the situation and the ability for the person to pay.


    1. This is a one time job and there is no possibility for further work OR this is the first of many such jobs. You might be cheaper if you want the extra work.

    2. You are bidding for the opportunity to translate these 100 pages. Do you have an idea what your competition will bid for the job.

    3. If you work on an hourly basis, measure your time for the translation of one page, add 10%-20% to that time for contingencies, then multiple by 100 to get the total time that you expect to spend on the document. Now multiply by your hourly rate to arrive at your final price for the translation.

    4. How desperate are you for the work? Are you trying to break into the field of translation? Do you need the work? Is it a part time job for you?

    5. What is the ability of your potential client to pay for the work. Is your client a poor student wanting to translate their thesis from Spanish to English or is the client a government agency with deep pockets?

    All these factors enter into deciding how much you might charge. We cannot tell you what you should do. Perhaps you can get an idea what translation services in your area charge and the decide. Good Luck.


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