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    Question About some sujets adjetives and nouns

    I`m learning English, and I don`t undrstand very well How the endings "less" and "ness" change the meaning of adjetives, sujets and nouns. Can you explain me that, and plese give some examples.

    thank in advance for your for your time.

    Luis Enrique Alejandre del Arco from Mèxico, city.

    Also Could you contact me at my e-mail address: enrique_alejandre @ yahoo . com . mx

    Sorry I am learnig to use this website, if you already received again this question forget about it
    thank you again.

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    Re: About some sujets adjetives and nouns

    "...ness" changes an adjective to to a noun. It is similar to the ending "...idad" in Spanish. Happy = feliz, happiness = felicidad

    "...less" added to a noun means "without" (sin) in Spanish.

    homeless = without a home
    flawless = without a flaw


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