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Thread: The cinema

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    The cinema

    I hit upon the following passage on the net, giving the reason for using the definite article before "cinema" though first mentioned. Could you elaborate further on the underlined expression?

    "Why do we say 'the' cinema even though it's the first time we have mentioned cinema?
    In fact in this situation, cinema is more like an adverb than a noun, to go to the cinema is a phrase which we don't split up. It's similar to 'to go home' (no article) and 'to have lunch or dinner' (again no article)."

    Heap of thanks.

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    Re: The cinema

    I think it is suggesting that "cinema" is qualifying "go to" in this collocation. I am not sure I agree with the suggestion.

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    Re: The cinema

    Quote Originally Posted by albertino View Post
    "Why do we say 'the' cinema ...?
    Cinema is a count noun; there is more than one; so, a cinema, the cinema. Home, lunch, and dinner are also count nouns, but in general people tend to have just the one home, and just one lunch and dinner per day.

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