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Thread: Part of Speech

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    Part of Speech

    Here are some sentencses that I tried to sort their words into "part of speech"(nouns, adjctives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions and pronouns) because I'm studying that, tell me if there's something wrong and why?

    The sounds or the locomotive's whistle reminded me of my grandfather's home near the railroad.
    The sounds (n) of (prep) the locomotive's (n) whistle (n) reminded (v) me (pron) of(prep) my (pron) grandfather's(n) home(n) near(prep) the railroad(n).

    The opportunity for outside work is one of the job's great attractions for her..
    The opportunity(n)for(prep) outside(prep) work(n) is(v) one(pron) of (pre) job 's(n) great(adj) attractions(n) for(prep) her(pron).

    This year there has been an increase in students' interests in technical subjects
    This(pron) year(n) there(pron) has(v) been(v) an increase(v) in students'(n) interests(n) in(prep) technical(adj) subjects(n)

    The presence of rare orchids in that swamp certainly increases its importance as a state park.
    The presence (n) of (prep) rare(adj) orchids(n) in(prep) that(pron) swamp(n) certainly(adv) increases(v) its(pron) importance(n) as a state(adj) park(n)

    We will, at our earliest opportunity, examine the wiring for possible malfunctions.
    We(pron) will(v), at(prep) our(pron) earliest(adj) opportunity(n), examine(v) the wiring(n) for(prep) possible(adj) malfunctions(n).

    There will never again be an investment opportunity like this one.
    There(pron) will(v) never(adv) again(adv) be(v) an investment(n) opportunity(n) like(prep) this(pron) one(n).

    That was probably the last restaurant before the turnpike.
    That(pron) was(verb) probably(adv) the last(adj) restaurant(n) before(prep) the turnpike(n).

    Down on the floor of the factory they are happy about the proposed pay raises
    Down(prep) on(prep) the floor(n) of(prep) the factory(n) they(pron) are(v) happy(adj) about(prep) the proposed(adj) pay(n) raises(n).

    In the past month an influx of tourists has filled the local motels and resturants
    In(prep) the past(adj) month(n) an influx(n) of(prep) tourists(n) has(v) filled(v) the local(adj) motels(n) and restaurants.

    With your help we will have finished the job before three o'clock.
    With(prep) your(pron) help(n) we(pron) will(v) have(v) finished(v) the job(n) before(prep) three(n) o'clock(n).
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    Re: Part of Speech

    Good job! Here are some corrections:

    locomotive's (poss. n)

    grandfather's (poss. n)
    outside (adj)
    job 's (poss. n)

    increase (n)
    in (prep)
    students' (poss. n)

    investment (adj)

    pay (adj)

    finished (past participle)
    three (adj)

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    Re: Part of Speech

    Thank you Soup, that helped me a lot.
    Just one more thing, is "investment" an adjective because it describes "opportunity" and it's between "an" and "opportunity"?

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