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  1. Anonymous


    It is kind of wierd.
    I registered and got my username and password .
    But everytime I login, I always got error message.

    And I didn't find the webmaster email address or some other
    tech support.

    So I have to post my reply .

    Regarding the tables layout in a restruant, there are two
    levels, but only 2 steps . Some are at the lower level but
    not all of them along the window side. They are put
    at the corner also.

    I think mezzanie is so formal.
    I am trying to find some simple way to say it in AE.

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    2 steps wouldn't make it a mezzanine. We have the word 'dais', but that's probably too formal as well. How about 'raised area'?

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    Hi there. Please can you use the contact for here:, and send me the username that you tried to register, and your email address. I will then try to help solve this for you.

    Sorry about the problems you are having.

    I'm not a teacher, so please consider any advice I give in that context.


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