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    Verbs modify adverbs, nouns modify adjectives, and adverbs modify other adverbs?

    If the question is correct, does the verb talk modifies the adjective particular (making it an adverb用articularly) in the sentence below?

    I知 not talking about you, in particular.

    Or should it be particularly?

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    Re: Question

    It's the other way around. Adverbs modify verbs, adjectives modify nouns.

    In particular is a prepositional phrase in form. That's what it looks like. It begins with the preposition in which takes the adjective particular as its object. Prepositions can function as either adverbs or adjectives.

    Every word and phrase has a form, what it looks like, and a function, what it does in the sentence. Below, our phrase in particular modifies the pronoun you, as in you in particular are not the person I am talking about:

    I'm not talking about you, in particular.

    The difference between in particular and particularly is that -ly adverbs are often used to modify the entire verb phrase, as in

    I'm particularly not talking about you.
    I'm not talking about you, particularly.

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