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    The song “Dance with the Devils” by Felipe Coronel better known as Immortal Technique is a prevalent day ode to growing up in poverty and criminality. The song brilliantly illustrates that often undefined boundary between pubescence and adulthood by implying in the song that death is approved, when searching for acceptance. However, at the same time Coronel expresses the astounding scheme, cadence and terminology which is very common to say the least in underground hip hop. With that arrangement, Coronel’s contemporaneous references gang affiliation, guns, drugs and death. The cogency of Coronel’s lyrics is to relate how sex, drugs, guns, death and gangs are accustomed to strike the adolescent teens who choose to use these dangerous tricks for methods of recognition.
    Coronel’s communication of meanings towards “Dance with the Devil” is to converse with the immature minds that are willing to take drastic measures in order to feel some ratification. Coronel willingly tries to elaborate, putting others in danger by horrifying actions does not validate death to complete ones’ pleasure. In the quote “but only a real thug can stab someone till they die” (line 47) implies in the song that a thirteen year old kid has to literally kill someone in order to prove himself to be a vivacious ruffian. Murdering someone does not justify to be affiliated with a particular gang. Innocent life suffered to fulfill a lost soul who hasn’t anyone else to turn to besides his thug friends.
    Coronel’s communication that he profoundly uses is to talk about what’s happening through the song. Instead of singing or even really rapping Coronel is just talking for listeners to better comprehend what the overall significance is within the lyrics. Coronel’s ambition is for the listeners to really empathize what Coronel is trying to say. Living through a true life catastrophe Coronel is speaking from experience. “The devil grows inside the hearts of the selfish and wicked” (line112). The people who wants to be so selfish and close-minded are the worst people because all that is focused upon is themselves. Wicked people just have that imagination of a evil mind. When danger actual arrives it will stay to haunt not because evil points the wicked out, but it’s the wicked who want to be pointed out. Coronel was an eye witness to this murder and now the devil follows him where ever he goes. Coronel speaks with such anger and distinction because he too regrets the kind of life he tried to live. A thug a scrub, but it took a serious murder for Coronel to see what the consequences were after all of his wickedness.
    Coronel chose to express his lyrics in a literal and very straight forward explanation. The purpose of the entire song is for the young kids who are brought up in poverty and violence. He wants to teach the children that death and gangs are not the only way out of life. “His corruption has successfully changed his fate”. (line96) Coronel’s point in this quote is to show the listeners that once crookedness and dishonesty has been done it completely changes all circumstances. Coronel’s word choice is a reflection upon himself and the mistakes he made growing up. In the state of mind that Coronel was in when he was younger knows what it takes for others to try and help. Kids are all different within their mind set. It takes a different method to every child to try and help them. Children turn to music because songs really get in depth with the lyrics as “Dance with the Devil” does. Others might turn to drugs to try and cope with life threatening situations. Coronel’s intention is for kids to listen to his songs before something incredibly bad happens and life hits with something that is so too burdensome to handle.
    Cornonel really emphasize the devil a lot in this song. When the world devil comes around automatically demon and Satan come to mind. Coronel chose to name the title with devil in it to better catch the eye of the kids who are being influence by the devil to do atrocious things. In the quote “but only the devil responded, cause god wasn't there” (line 101) explains that when evil is done god can not respond so quickly. Damage has been done way beyond god’s works. The only one listening now is the devil and forever within the devil.
    Coronel conquered his point across for the listeners to understand and relate to. He put the story in complete order from start to finish and was very detailed and honest about the incident, considering the fact that he was there. Coronel’s style, rhythm and word choice is what made this song so unique. Coronel writes his music to focus on the lyrics and what the message is going to say. Not so much of the rhythm part of the song. The words that Coronel chose was a very much success. The listeners can really understand and relate to his lyrics.
    Coronel’s song “Dance with the Devil” is a not only a song it is the way of life for many people throughout the world. Coronel lived through this horrifying death experience and wanted to share his encounter with the rest of the world. Coronel faced numerous problems before he became successful in the music industry. Coronel tied words and phrases that a person could only understand if that person as well were facing the obstacles. Coronel states “ask a nigga doing life if he had another chance” (line 27). There are only so many chances that are worth risking before those risks are the biggest regrets that ever approached one’s fate. Coronel’s clear message is that the choices that are made reflect one’s fate in the end. Taking the drugs, sex and gangs to try and fit in with others is not always the smart way out to go about life. Living is a privilege that god gave for all of the world. Risking to take away those privileges by feeling the need to dance with devil is a serious risk.

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