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Thread: a subtitle

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    a subtitle

    - The song has a subtitle which means "XXXXX".
    - The song is subtitled as "YYYYY".
    - The subtitle of the song is "XXXXX".

    Are these sentences natural in English?
    If not, please tell me how you would say.
    What I mean by "subtitle" in this case is a secondary title, not a printed statement appearing as a translation at the bottom of the screen.

    [Replies from native speakers would be appreciated.]

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    Re: a subtitle

    #2 and #3 are the sentences to use - they mean the same.

    The first sentence tells you what the meaning of the subtitle is.

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    Re: a subtitle

    Thank you Anglika.
    But I'm OK about the meaning of the sentences I wrote.
    What I'd like to know is whether they are natural as English.

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    Re: a subtitle

    I thought I had indicated that. Sorry - Yes, they are all grammatically correct as they are and are all perfectly usable.

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    Re: a subtitle

    Thank you very much!
    I wanted to make sure my English is not awkward

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