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    Preparing for TOEIC TEST

    I'm preparing for the TOEIC TEST.
    My weakness is vocabulary.
    I usually read news on internet (eg.,, ...).
    I hope this strategy will help me to improve my vocabulary capacity.
    Am I on the right track?
    Can you give me some guides?

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    Re: Preparing for TOEIC TEST

    The only way to build vocabulary is to read as widely as possible - but that is not much use unless you also learn new words, their meanings and where they can be used.

    If you have not already, then get a good English dictionary and keep it beside you so you can look up the new words at once. Or you can use an online dictionary: OneLook Dictionary Search

    The other thing to do is to practice using the words by writing your own sentences using them. {You can always post them here and ask for comment and advice}

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