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    Hi everyone.

    Besides Inc. being the correct abbreviation for "Incorporated", how can we explain it's use in expressions such as "Mommies Inc." or "explorers Inc." or "doe-doe heads Inc." ... you know, that funny way of (I take) saying "all about" this or that. Is that really what it is?

    The very first chapter of In Company´s Intermediate book has an article titled "English Inc". I mean, it is definitely not the name of an actual company . What's a proper explanation for it´s meaning?



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    Re: Inc.

    Welcome to the forums.

    It does not have any particularly deep meaning. As you suggest, it is a comic use and also a way of implying a sort of "company" structure for something - that's how I see "English Inc" .

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    Re: Inc.


    Thanks, Anglika!


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