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    could you please provide me with the hidden meaning of this proverb "the game is not worth the candle" with situations in which people say it?

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    "The game" in this proverb means "the card game". As we know,the British is prosperous in the 17th century.But when night fell, a dark everywhere. People can only use candles and lamps for lighting and candles were very precious at that moment. If invited friends to play cards for a whole night with burning a candle,the Master lost at the end.This means the master did not win but lost a candle, "The game is not worth the candle".This proverb locates from France,a French thinker Montaigne(1533-1592)said this sentence.The proverb means "Somthing is not worth doing".

    eg. 1.Your plan is not worth the candle.
    2. Stop your business! you know the game is not worth the candle.

    Also,people used "the game is worth the candle" for something is worth doing.


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