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    Some days ago, I posted a question about To Flee, and many of you commented on it.

    In fact, I wrote the sentence again in another essay about "peace", and wrote the sentence "many prisoners flee from prison" because...., and once again, the teacher considered it wrong, and explained to me that to flee is the same as escape, but only when it comes to "danger". In other words, you may say sb fled jail if you mean that other prisoners were trying to kill him, or any other threat. However, the teacher said that if you simply want to mean someone dug a hole and escaped (no prospect of danger involved, you canīt use the verb "to flee".

    Ok, more food for thought, and I may be complicating something simple, but I would appreciate it if you could help me once again.

    Thank you.

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    As far as I know, your teacher is correct. You flee because of danger eg.
    "He risked his life to flee the socialist dictatorship of his country."
    "She gave the mugger her wallet and fled."
    "This was my turn to do the washing up, but I managed to escape it by shamming a headache."

    Is that correct?


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    I agree with your teacher.

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