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    informative paper

    I was wondering how would it be the best way to start my informative paper? I need to think about recycling in a community college, and compare it to my house habbits of recycling. I have the statistics but I dont know how to start the introduction...

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    Re: informative paper

    Don't start with the introduction. Write your introduction last, after you've written the rest. But do have an overall topic sentence in mind.

    Have you written an outline? Are there areas you want to compare? (ex: percentage of recylcable material actually recycled at each place, the types of materials, etc.) What general truths can be drawn?

    Plunge in. Write the first pargraph about the first area of comparison. Once you get started, it's easier to keep going. But thinking about writing that "perfect" introductory paragraph will keep you from putting that first word down.

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