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    Make or Take

    I live in South Africa and I am constantly irritated by the colloquial usage of 'take a decision' instead of what I was taught in school 'make a decision'. Which is correct?

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    Re: Make or Take

    Welcome to the forums.

    This is one of those questions that comes up frequently. There seems to be a consensus that "make" is AE and "take" is BrE, but to be honest I cannot see that it is as simple as that.

    The British Corpus has more results for "make a decision" than for "take a decision", but if you look at the sources there is a difference in meaning.

    It would seem that to make a decision is to weigh up the pros and cons before deciding, and that to take a decision is to act on the selected one.

    I shall be interested in other people's views.

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