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Thread: E-mail Response

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    E-mail Response


    I need a help with the response to the e-mail I've just received.
    I would like to be considered as a trainee and sent my application but forgot to state when I am available for the presentation (something like interview).
    Someone from the company asks in this email to response with the details of my availability. There are some dates I can choose from.

    I don't know this person and, actually, haven't got much to write about. It's supposed to be easy, but in fact I don't know how to answer him!
    Every date is good for me. Im sure one or two sentences is enough, but how should I start?

    Please, give me some advice.

    Thank you


    Sorry for my English but I'm not a native speaker

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    Re: E-mail Response

    Did this person out a name at the end of his/her e-mail? Or is there a name in the "From" box on the e-mail?

    If so, then start Dear xxxxx.

    Otherwise, just go straight in:

    Thank you for your e-mail suggesting the dates on which you will be able to see me. Any of these dates will suit me. Please let me know which one will be best for you. I will look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,


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