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    animals as adjectives/similes

    there are english words used to describe animal-like qualities. i once collected a list, but mislaid it a long time ago.

    here are some examples:

    porcine—pig like
    focine—seal like
    equine—horse like
    canine—dog like
    feline—cat like

    there are many more, and i challenge you to find them. it is not easy, even using the internet, to describe this type of word, and get results that are significant.

    anyway, please accept the challenge, and as your list grows, post your results here. we will all benefit!



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    Re: animals as adjectives/similes

    asinine -- like an ass

    bovine -- like an ox/cow

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    Re: animals as adjectives/similes

    ovine - like a sheep
    piscine - like a fish

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