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    Question Some Help With My Vocab Test (Please answer ASAP)

    I have an exam and I need to find out what word goes well with these meanings :

    1. a reference to another literary work, or a person, place, event, or object from history, literature, or mythology.

    2. a feeling of tension, anxiety, or excitement resulting from uncertainty. An author creates it to keep readers interested.

    3. a simple story, such as a fable or parable. whose major purpose is to teach a moral lesson. It can always be read on two levels-one literal, the other symbolic.

    4. the primary person in opposition to the hero.

    5. an inclination or preference that makes it difficult or impossible to judge fairly in a particular situation.

    6. is deliberately exaggerated statement made for effect.

    7. a work that criticizes something-for example, a person, a characteristic, an institution, or government-by depicting it in a humorous, sarcastic, or scornful way.

    8. the lesson taught by a literacy work.

    9. that quality in prose that evokes in the reader a feeling of pity and compassion.

    10. refer to the way an author expresses ideas in words, including:
    grammatical correctness, skill in the choice of effective words, and wide vocabulary.

    11. a theme, symbol, character or setting that can be found throughout literature, folklore, and media so often that comes to reflect some universal human character or experience.

    12. usually the main character, who faces a problem and in his attempt to solve it, becomes involved in a conflict with an opposing force.

    Vocabulary to use:

    alliteration, allusion, antagonist, assonance, audience, analogy, anthology, autitliesis, archetype, atmosphere, bias, biography, character, cliche, conflict, connotation, denotation, context, dialogue, diction, drama, editorial, etymology, eulogy, explicit, exposition, flashback, foreshadowing, image, imagery, irony, memoir, monologue, narrative, narrator, paradox, parody, pathetic fallacy, personification, plot, point of view, prose, pun, rhyme scheme, satire, setting, simile, stanza, style, suspense, symbol, syntax, theme, thesis, tone, voice.

    Please respond ASAP. Thank you.

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    Re: Some Help With My Vocab Test (Please answer ASAP)

    Welcome to the forums.

    We do not do homework for people, but always hope to be able to help.

    Please choose which words you think are right, and we can then advise you.

    If it will help you, here is a dictionary site: OneLook Dictionary Search

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