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    Nothing but scrub?

    I heard from audio CD "Nothing but scrub" what does it means?

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    Re: Nothing but scrub?

    Without context, very difficult to say.

    It could be exactly what it says - there is nothing but scrubland round about; OR it could be that there is nothing to do but to scrub the floor; OR it could be saying that the only thing to do is to delete the information [scrub it out].

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    Re: Nothing but scrub?

    By any chance, was it "No Scrubs" by TLC?

    I don't want no scrub
    A scrub is a guy that can't get no love from me
    Hanging out the passenger side
    Of his best friend's ride

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    Re: Nothing but scrub?

    It was a novel " Shoot Him If He Runs" by Stuart Woods.

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