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Thread: I need help!

  1. missally

    Unhappy I need help!

    Could anyone, please, give ideas on how to help my fce learners understand the difference between VERY, TOO, and SO + ADJ?
    I have the feeling that I'm not very good at explaining this. I know I know the difference but I can't make myself clear!

    Also, can I use the expression "I believe" meaning "I think"?
    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: I need help!

    When it comes to meaning, you could say that SO works to emphasize an adjective or adverb:

    That house is very big.
    That house is so big.

    Julian's car runs very fast!
    Julian's car runs so fast!

    Do not forget to mention that there must be always an adjective or an adverb after SO. On the other hand, TOO means more than needed and usually carries a negative meaning in itself.

    That house is too big. (Perhaps there is just a couple living there).

    Of course there are many other structures that fall back on TOO, SO, VERY. I believe these are the basics (I ended up answering your second question). ;-D


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