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    Good afternoon
    My name is Ann. I'm a Russian speaker.I learn English. It's not always easy.Please, correct my translation.
    I'll be be very grateful.
    If people say true about the real property they sell, they should be awarded for honesty. The house is being described as specious, is often too large. Such words as delightful, enchanting are often used for describing a small house.
    The words small and picturesque are used rarely in the meaning too small.Picturesque house is not more than a single-bedroom house with a bed not fitting to it,and with a kitchen being so small,that even an egg can't be boiled here. The prize for honesty undoubtedly should be given to the owner, describing the house in the following way:"The house is being located in the undeveloped district of London, really needs to be repaired. There are an awful lounge, tiny dining-room, three miserable bedrooms and a bathroom with a leacky shower.The central heating ,the serving of which is rather high, is unreliable. In front of the house is a handkerchief-sized weedy garden. The neighbours are very unfriendly. The prise of the house which can't be recommended is ridiculously overgrown-85,00$ "

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    Re: Correct,please

    Quote Originally Posted by rudy1982 View Post
    I learn English.
    I have been learning English.


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