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    I have to submit some essays but can't find.Could you please write to me any website where I can find essays on these topic:
    1.Good manners
    2.Prevention is better than cure.

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    Re: essays

    Write an essay on manners. Post it here:

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    Re: essays

    There are plenty of cheat sites on the internet offering mostly poor essays that everyone knows are copied. We will not list names or link to them here as we do not help people to cheat. Do remember, though, that very few teachers will be fooled by this. I know my students' styles and would spot a piece of very obvious cheating like that a mile away. There is also good software that can be used to detect this type of cheating. If you try it, you do run the risk not only of scoring zero, but also of getting into trouble, possibly expelled. Your teacher will respect you more if you make an effort, even if you don't do that well, than if you turn up with an obviously copied essay. I would regard someone handing me an essay from a cheat site as an insult, while I would regard a poor essay as something we could use as a basis for improvement.

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