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    Watching movies in class, for or against?

    I'm teaching this one class during 8 weeks, twice a week.

    I'm considering watching a movie next class.

    I have qualms about watching movies because I feel like I'm being paid for nothing.

    On the other hand I've been teaching some really ''dry'' stuff lately so I think it would be a nice relaxing break for the students.

    I don't think 2 hours out of 32 is really taking advantage of the whole movie thing. On the other hand I do want to be professional.

    What is your position about movies?

    I know some of you might recommend that I ask questions about the movie afterwards but in this situation, I just feel like the students are tired and I think it wouldn't be a bad idea just to give them a break just this once.

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    Exclamation Watching movies in class, for or against?

    Hello Noego;
    I read your topic with very good interest. I am writing back to you to let you know about what I think regarding film viewing. First of all, a film ,as I always imagine, is an attempt to depict reality. As long as a language learner is interested in language learning, films could be of great help to display the culture of the target language. It present many life aspects which would make things easier for the learner. In addition, films are an audiovisual tool which enables learners to both listen and watch the language in action. However, film viewing isn't free from some dictations that make the film viewing lesson completely useful for the learners, what I meant here is that we should pepare a viewing sheet to analyse the film.
    thanks for raising the point.

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    Re: Watching movies in class, for or against?

    Here's an article by Martin Wolff and Niu Qiang, who set up a 4-year experiment with teaching with movies in a college in China, that might be of interest. (PDF)

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    Talking Re: Watching movies in class, for or against?

    well ...
    i like your idea so much .. i think you are doing the right thing
    cuz students may get bored .. so if u let them wach a movie .. u will make some refresh to their minds .. and they will be able to get the information that you will give in a positive way .. and i think they will be happy cuz you give them this chance..

    i think it`s worth

    any way , wish you all the best

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    Re: Watching movies in class, for or against?

    It is very necessary for English as second or foreign language learners to watch English films, which not only activate their interest in English, but also enable them to have a good knowlege of the target language culture. To let students see a movie seems easy, but how to deal with the film in the pre-watching, while-watching, and post-watching stage may be difficult for ESL or EFL teachers.

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    Re: Watching movies in class, for or against?

    I think movies can be very good in the classroom (some that I've used include Big, The Mighty Freak, Princess Bride) but like anything, they can be abused.

    It isn't a question of the amount of time. It is a question HOW you do it.

    I'd consider breaking up the movie into scenes and having activities associated with each scene. This can be as easy as one partner watching, another describing - listening for vocabulary or retelling. Or it can be more expansive with activities about comprehension, what if...., prediction (the most beneficial for books or movies) and just spin off activities.

    But break it up. You can see an example at my resource site. What I did with the movie BIG. Answer key in that same folder and we often discuss movies being used at EFL Classroom 2.0.

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: Watching movies in class, for or against?

    My foreign teachers once did that for us.

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