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    favourite grammar text series and why?

    I have a new student from Germany (advanced) who would like me to recommend a series of grammar texts that he can use in order to brush up on his English which in general is very good...if given a list of good ones, he would be quite capable of deciding which series would best suit his learning style.

    I'm familiar with the Azar series, Grammar Dimensions, and Headway.

    I realize that there must be many new texts on the market since the above were recommended to me quite some time ago. Teachers/moderators...I'd love to get some feedback on your favourites and briefly why you favour them.

    Any and all suggestions are most welcome!


    Catherine C.

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    Re: favourite grammar text series and why?

    If your student is advanced, then she/he would be better off concentrating on acquiring a wider vocabulary and using a course book such as Inside Out Advanced. If he/she really just needs to revise grammar, then perhaps Hewing's Advanced Grammar in Use - this is not a course book just grammar practice with explanations.


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