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    Wink Message from Claudyne

    Hi, I have a problem with my english homework.Could You check it out?
    I have to complete sentences
    1. 'Will we get to the concert on time?'(Jane asked me...)
    My answer: Jane asked if we would get to the concert on time.
    2.'Can you install this game for me?'(Carol asked me....)
    My answer: Carol asked me if we could install this game for her.
    3.'Why can't I stay up longer?'(My little sister asked...)
    My answer:My little sister asked why we couldn't stay up longer
    4.'Where's the hospital?'(the driver wanted to know...)
    My answer:The driver wanted to know where the Hospital was.
    5.'HAve you been to Canada?'(He asked me...)
    My answer: He asked me if I had been to Canada.

    I hope,you will answer me quickly.Best regards.Claudyne

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    Re: Message from Claudyne

    Hello Claudyne!

    1. Jane asked me...
    2. Carol asked me if I...
    3. My little sister asked if she...
    4. Correct...but don't capitalise hospital...(it's not capitalised in the original sentence).
    5. Correct

    Hope this helps!


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