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    I need some advice

    Thank you for help us.

    I am from El Salvador, I am an English Teacher, and I would like to Know some activities (games) to teach Grammar topics. These I am going to use to warm up in my classes.

    Thank you for you answer.

    Rudy Flores

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    Re: I need some advice

    If you are teaching a textbook, you have to take a look at the TEACHER'S EDITION. I'm sure you will find some activities to do what you want!

    You may want to visit this website:
    Welcome to Grammarman Comic ... for efl esl tefl celta teachers and students

    Good luck
    Ruholla Kazemi

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    Re: I need some advice

    Have a look at this site:
    I've used the activities here and found them quite fun and easy to get your students to actually do some talking with them.

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