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    How to teach Idioms?

    Dear Teacher:
    I am writing to ask you How to teach Idioms in Non-native English speakers classes who have no idea of what the idioms are about. I would appriciate it in advance if you could help me with this issue.

    Yours faithfully,

    A. Ghane
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    Smile Re: How to teach Idioms?

    i think u can give them a book about idioms and their meanings or research about idioms in help books or in internet then photocopy it or xerox it then discuss it and give some activities and quizzes about it! my teacher always do that to us! idioms are words that give the word a colorful meaning? i think that is the meaning of idioms or just research in the internet!
    hope i answer ur question!

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    Re: How to teach Idioms?

    You can teach them in context, which may be better than teaching them in isolation. Use texts featuring them.
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    Re: How to teach Idioms?

    I wouldn't advise teaching idioms persay unless the students are "extra extra" motivated by doing so. Why? Idioms are the toughest of language to retain and are sooo specific to context/situation. Also, unless your students are in an English speaking country, other than the most basic handful, they won't have any opportunity to use them and as we know, without production there is dead space....

    I'd suggest one good way to learn idioms (disregarding my advice above :)) is to use short video clips where the idiom is used in context. That's about the most beneficial way.

    Hope this helps .


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