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    Heey please chick my letter and tell me about my mistakes" 9 grade"

    21 October,2007
    Dear Amanda,
    How are you? I miss you so much! What's new?
    Yesterday I spoke with your friend Dana. She's lovely and funny girl, Like
    my friend Katie. I shall present her to you soon. She is clever and kind person. Katie supports me in bad times, I think she's the best ever listener. She also gives me the suitable advices to my problems as I do the same to her.
    We once promised never to tell each other's secrets. I'm sure she is absolutely honest and loyal with me. Surely, she will like you too. We've been friends since first grade, We always do everything together, We walk, Study, Eat, Play and train Volleyball's exercises together. So I her as a sister to me. In fact, her behaviors and social personality similarly like mine, That makes us so close and best friends. Guess what? She is beautiful and modern too, She is tall, has black eyes and long hair.
    I told her about you and about our relationship, she likes you. I hope both of you know the other at the earliest opportunity.

    Can't wait to see you. Please write soon.

    With All My Love And Best Wishes,

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    Talking Hi I think it's good :D

    Hi I think it's good :D Really

    Bye and good luck


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