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    Re: Dscussion about history

    I feel sorry to interject with such a miniscule observation; I am only here, to question a certain usage of the term, Moggy.

    The reason is, it is a family name here in Canada. And, I have learned it is also in use in the UK, as a slang. So, curious as a cat; I am searching for the history of the usage of that term; and whether or not, I should concerned with the New World connotations.....

    Or, rather.

    And, here I start to envolve myself with your thread;
    Of, which I am not learned.

    But, each procession of 'tribes' that had linguistic value;
    Must have shared their knowledge, to some degree.
    Thus, trading societies; traded more than resources;
    They must have traded words, idioms, and/or thoughts.

    Whether, or not, they came as pillagers, or as traders;
    The same can be said for the tribes in the N. American,
    Trade, was a commonality.

    The language is a part of the trade!


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    Re: Dscussion about history

    I'm not quite conversant with the Viking influence upon English. I'm aware there are several loanwords from Danish ( husband..) . Did the Norvegian invasion and then settlement -especially in the North West of England (Lancashire)-have the same linguistic impact ?
    I also presume there were two linguistic waves: Through the IX century( Yorkshire) and the second through the XI century with the reign of Canut. Two centuries had passed and Danish must have therefore evolved within that period.
    Can one distinguish two loanwords categories thanks to toponyms ( names of places)?
    Were the two Danish invasions equally influential?
    Thank you

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