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    Please Help!

    Career Decisions

    "U.S. Income Inequality Keeps on Rising," by Robert B. Reich has similar ideas of how the job market works like " Tomorrow’s Jobs," by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor. Both article inform that career decisions should be decided on opportunities and future aspects of a job. People should choose their career wisely or else they’re going to end up with a low demanding job. My classmate Delores currently works as a sales associate at a clothing store. In the future she wants to be a social worker.

    In the market, people with education degrees are in high demand for symbolic analyst jobs. For example, healthcare jobs are always open in the market . Education is a critical aspect in order to have a career in the medical field, whereas hands-on laborious jobs aren’t difficult to get. A major problem for someone who picks a labor job as a career is getting injured. If were to happen then they would be disable to work in heavy labor. Reich said "..all of America’s routine production workers could become symbolic analysts and let their job drift overseas..." We should quit the dead end jobs.

    According to what the Bureau of Labor Statistics, opportunities for the careers are based on population, labor forces, and demand for goods and services. Statistics show that government employment is expected to increase by 11.8 percent from 21.5 million to 24 million jobs. Employment in retail is expected to increase by 13.8 percent, from 15 million to 17.1 million.

    Delores is a sales associate, also known as a routine personal service worker, according to Reich. She has contact with customers and gets paid 13 dollars an hour. Although she doesn’t get vacation time she is satisfied with the job. To get promoted, she needs to have a perfect attendance, be a good salesman and work extra hours. If a routine worker misses work, then they are taking a risk of getting fired or they won’t get paid for the days they missed. This is why it’s crucial that she doesn’t miss any days from work. Her duties consist of cleaning the store, being polite tot he customers, and sale as much as possible. She also rings up cloths and close the store. The aspects that she likes about her job are her co-workers and she likes that it isn’t a hard labor job.

    In the future, Delores would like to be a social worker. She feels like this would be a good career for her since she enjoys working with children. A bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement a master’s degree in social work or a related field has become the standard for many positions. Currently she isn’t taking any classes that are essential for this career. Government jobs are usually separate from global competition. That can be a good aspect, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, depending on how much the government pays their employees.

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    Re: Please Help!

    You do need to say what it is that you want us to help you with.

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    Re: Help Revise my essay

    can u help me revise it and i'll take suggestions


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