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    tips about creating a class magazine

    Hi everybody I've just registered in this forum and I find it very interesting to share views and experiences.
    I'm trying to launch a class magazine with meager resources( I teach in a very poor area) I need help can you give me some tips if you happen to have any experience in class journalism?

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    Re: tips about creating a class magazine

    I only have experience with Blogs, electronic publications. But it is an excellent idea. I applaud this kind of inductive learning.

    Make sure they assign roles and set deadlines. Brainstorm topics, the parts of the paper. Find online some examples, for example the Guardian produces an excellent Junior edition (don't have a link sorry).

    Make sure to give them enough time in class to meet/think/plan, so it gets off the ground. Most importantly, they should experience success and make sure to nurture that most precious part of the writing process....sharing/publishing. This will help it mothball.

    Hope this helps a little.

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    Re: tips about creating a class magazine

    Thank you David I think you are absolutely right about assigning topics . We've already had the first meeting to set roles .I think that teamwork is also a good idea to boost the magazine. I tried to make them work in small groups and gave them a deadline. They seemed to be very enthusiastic and I got some positive feedback. I know they would appreciate the result the process is a little bit long and I only hope they will be patient enough. I will try to look for the link you talked about It will probably help.
    Thanks again

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    Wink Re: tips about creating a class magazine

    well i think it be best to talk to the student get there views on it
    have a section about what is happening after school maybe
    you could tell about if there are up coming feild trips
    you could ask the princaple and ass. priciple to write a section
    ask the media sepcialist to write if there are any new books things like that and,
    i think the idea is a good one maybe you could send me a draft my email is

    [email protected] .com

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