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    use of expressions

    what would the correct use of "I love you" and "I like you"?

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    Re: use of expressions

    Generally "I love you" is used for your girl/boyfriend or close members of your family; "I like you" does not carry implications of commitment or deep attachment or affection. It can be used for anyone.

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    Re: use of expressions

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    what would the correct use of "I love you" and "I like you"?
    I love you is usually reserved for when you are talking to a person that you have an emotional commitment to...your lover. These are powerful words when used in this context. You would also express such a feeling to members of your immediate family.

    I love you can also be used an expression of happiness when someone does something unexpected and nice to you.

    Say, for example, A girl wanted to go to a concert starring her favourite band. But she could not get tickets anywhere...she is sooooooo sad. Suddenly her father comes into the room and places two tickets on the table.

    "Oh Daddy! Where did you get them!", she exclaimed. Throwing her arms around his neck she squealed "I love you, daddy....thank you ....thank you....thank you!!!!"

    She is not professing lasting love here. She is just very very happy.

    I like you is rarely said as an expression of endearment. To say this to a person who loves you is an insult to that person. It sounds like you are trying to reduce the level of your personal involvement...that is, you want to break up with them.

    "I like you. However we cannot continue seeing each other as we have in the past. Can we just be friends?"

    Sometimes "I like you" can be used to deliver bad news. We call it "sugar coating" a statement (sort of like taking a spoonful of sugar when taking bitter medicine). This applies to more than just friendly relationships.

    I like you but if you continue to act this way we will have to part company.

    Here you are expressing doubts that you can maintain a friendship or even a business relationship.

    I hope this helps.

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