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    Question plurals of specific fruit

    Pineapple, watermelon, cantalope, honeydew melon, kiwi - can these words be both singular and plural or is an s needed to make them plural?

    Do you like pineapple(s)?
    We need 3 kiwi(s) for this recipe.

    What is correct? Thanks so much

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    Re: plurals of specific fruit

    They all have plurals with "s" - melons, kiwi fruits, canteloupes, honeydew melons, pineapples.

    With reference to your examples, you can say " I like pineapple" - the fruit [pineapple] in general; and "Take three pineapples" [specific].

    "We need three kiwi fruits for this recipe." [specific] / "Kiwi fruit have a high vitamin C content." [general]

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