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    rhyming word for hurt

    help with rhyming word for hurt

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    Smile Re: rhyming word for hurt

    well i think you could do some names
    eg; murt kurt maybe dir umm squirt

    (for a ryming tip go though and change the first letter to every to a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i and so on

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    Re: rhyming word for hurt

    I looked it up on The Free Dictionary which allows you to match just the ending.

    I got yoghurt and Frankfurt.

    Words ending in '-ert' can also rhyme with hurt: inert, pervert, and pert. And words ending in '-irt' can rhyme too: shirt and dirt.

    I think I might blog it.

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    Smile Re: rhyming word for hurt

    ok i think thats a very good idea

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    Re: rhyming word for hurt

    Search for "Rhyming Dictionary" and you will get even better results.

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    Re: rhyming word for hurt

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    Re: rhyming word for hurt


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    Re: rhyming word for hurt

    Check out Rhyming Dictionary - WikiRhymer home, it's a user-friendly free online rhyming dictionary.

    Meanwhile, here are some words and phrases that rhyme with hurt (you can click on the words to get their definitions, if any):

    Bert, blurt, burt, curt, dirt, flirt, Gert, hurt, Kirt, Kurt, pert, shirt, skirt, spurt, squirt, turret, vert, wert, alert, assert, avert, concert, convert, desert, dessert, Dilbert, divert, evert, exert, inert, insert, invert, overt, pervert, revert, subvert, unhurt, disconcert, reassert,

    dish the dirt
    don't cry before you're hurt
    eat dirt
    hit the dirt
    holler before one is hurt
    lose one's shirt
    lose your shirt
    on the alert
    pay dirt
    stuffed shirt

    If you want to install a "Widget" directly into your FireFox, Netscape, or Internet Explorer Version 7 browser toolbar, click here: Rhyming Dictionary - WikiRhymer OpenSearchWidget

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    Re: rhyming word for hurt

    One that I haven't seen so far in this thread (though it may be in one of the Dictionaries) is a recently-coined word - whose spelling evades me - either "yurt" or "yert". It is a makeshift, semi-permanent tent, typically used in peace demonstrations. There were "ye/urts' at Greenham Common - have a look in the press coverage of that long-running demo for examples ( sorry, no time). (I guess Ben Elton's novel based on Greenham uses it too - but I can't remember the title).


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