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    Cool Formal letter


    I have to send a formal attestation. I can do it in French, but it's difficult for me to write some formal expressions in English like:

    In French:

    Je soussigné Mr. XX, directeur de l'établissment YY , déclare par la présente que Mademoiselle QQ a travaillé pour nous durant la période XXXX jusque ZZZZ. Son travail nous a donné entière satisfaction.

    Translating word by word into English, I think that doesn't make any sense:

    I English:

    I undersigned Mr. XX, director of the YY company, declare by the present that Mrs. QQ has worked for us from the date of XXXX to YYYY. Her job has given us entire satisfaction.

    Could someone help me to correct it?

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    Re: Formal letter

    How about something like this:

    I, Mr. XX, director YY, certify that Mrs. QQ worked for our company from [date 1] to [date 2]. Her performance was entirely satisfactory throughout her employment.

    Note that "entirely satisfactory" is not very strong praise.

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