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    Exclamation correction awaited

    An Unsafe World
    We often emulate our luck of being present in the era of modernization and technology but never thought, we are more vulnerable and prone to danger than ever before.Are not we?
    We are uncovered and exposed to the danger of enlightend modernisation nudging our atention towards decaying integrity and self consiousness.Sometimes it seems better to be in the era when people used to sit under shade of the trees and populating small communities.Metropolises has given the control of our lives in the hands of others.One must surprise over the shedule when he/she does'nt get time even for him/her self.So much struggle but for whom?Does'nt it irritate you to be in the world where everytime your ears are struck by traffic noise and bomb blasts.Though the world without these things look pipedream but we can preach the message of peace and harmony.
    There is restlessness and mind is in the quest of something.A thing which may provide comfort

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    Re: correction awaited

    hi my dear friends i wish the best wishes for u im an iranian guy who is crazy about english language i got \the lyrics of a song from the web named get busy and artist is SEAN PAUL i didnt get it cos there were so many starnge things to me now i want u to correct and clear it for me and tell me the meaning of underlined words
    get jiggy get crunked up percolate any thing you want to call it oscillate you hip and dont take pitty me want fi see you get live pon the riddm when me ride and me lyrics a provide electricity gal noboddy can tell you nuttin can you done know your destiny you sexy ladies want par with us in a the car with us them nah war with us them cah vex with us from the day me born jah ignite me flame gal a call me name and its me fame woman dont sweat it dont get agitatejust gwaan rotate can anything you want you knmow you must get it from you name a mentiun dont ease the tension just run the program gals want pet it just have a good time gal free up unu mind cawnobody can dis you man wont let it can you a the number one gal wave your hand make them see you wedding band

    thats all of it if sb lend me a hand ill be so grateful and if you wanna make sure get the lyrics of this song artist SEAN PAUL SDONGNAME GET BUSY

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