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    Thumbs up Re: what are the functions of the gerund?

    i don think I will add more about gerund but generally speaking it is used
    1 - as a subject ( Reading broadens minds)
    2- as an adjective( It is a travelling circus )
    3- as an object ( I enjoy chatting with members of the forum)
    4- as an object of a preposition ( He is fond of having a walk by the sea)
    5- to mean ( because ) ( Being lazy , he usually fails his exams)

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    Re: what are the functions of the gerund?

    Quote Originally Posted by Casiopea
    What it looks like: A gerund ends in -ing.
    What is does: A gerund is a noun.

    A gerund is a noun that ends in -ing, and like other nouns, it functions as (1) the subject of the sentence or (2) as the object of the verb or (3) as the object of a preposition:

    (1) Swimming is fun. (Subject + Verb + Object)
    (2) I like swimming. (Subject + Verb + Object)
    (3) Tell me about swimming. (Verb + Object + Preposition + Object)

    Gerunds are also called verbal nouns. They are not verbs, though; they just look like verbs because they end in -ing.


    You have given a good explanation about "Gerunds".

    After reading your explanation ,some sentences of "gerunds" struck my mind which I want to post in this thread. Please correct them If they are wrong:

    e.g. Watching TV is fun (the word watching in this sentence is a gerund,although watch is averb but if we add "ing" at the end of this word then it becomes a gerund).

    Can you please explain the eg. of 3rd sentence that you have mentioned above? How come their are 2 Objects in this sentence?

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