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    i have to write the past participle of some words. the phrase is:
    By the time she'd finished planning her daughter's birthday, one mother had_________ (devote) hundreds of dollars to the event.
    She discovered that she had_________ (hand) out $50 for a ...............
    Since this 2 phrases have "had" before the verb, would it be devoted and handed or what

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    Re: help

    Most past participles of regular English verbs look just like their simple past forms.

    I played basketball yesterday.
    I have played basketball every day this week.

    The mother called her son every day.
    The mother had called her son many times.

    Irregular verbs are where you will run into problems.

    I saw your dog yesterday.
    I have seen your dog every day this week

    The mother spoke to her son every day.
    The mother had spoken to her son many times.

    Look here:


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