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    What does it mean to mosh? and gig?

    I found an advertising of a band inviting for a concert.
    This was the sentence:
    <<No moshing
    no drinking
    no fucking
    no vomiting

    please don't respect these rules at this gig>>

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    Re: Mosh

    Welcome to the forums.

    A "gig" is a performance by a band.

    Mosh = pushing and shoving while at a gig. See this entry in the Urban Dictionary: Urban Dictionary: mosh

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    Re: Mosh

    Thank you so much!!!

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    Re: Mosh

    Mosh - See this link:

    Mosh - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Them meaning of gig, used in the context with mosh is as stated above.

    That being said, gig is used to mean job quite often, by many in the entertainment industry as well as others, even electricians refer to their current job as a gig.

    In other context, gig can mean a fast light rowboat, a light, two-wheeled carriage drawn by one horse, and an arrangement of barbless hooks that is dragged through a school of fish to hook them in their bodies.

    It can also be short for gigabyte.
    "I put 2 gigs in my new computer."

    English is a complicated language.



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