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    handeling a class

    I need help
    I have a difficult class- these 5th graders fight with themselves all the time verbally, and it causes alot of tension in class. what can I do?
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    Re: handeling a class

    you should list those who is fighting and will be minus one in their grade?

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    Re: handeling a class

    I'd make them understand that this is not what they are supposed to be doing in your lessons.(I do relate to your problem.I've got thirty of them in one of my groups and I'm always knackered when I leave the room.)
    This said, I'd keep them busy (by having them copy sg from the board,have short dictations,etc).You have to make sure that you're always one step ahead of them speedwise.I tend to flaunt certificates for outstanding behaviour (Printable certificates, school awards, student reward certificates, classroom printables) and really praise those who behave.
    I ' m positive you are not allowed to "grade" their behaviour by means of doling out minuses.Their behaviour / misbehaviour mustn't influence their English grades.
    My fifth-graders are highly competitive and have got a strong sense of justice.So whenever they don't pay attention (because you can't always have them write down stuff) I tend to announce quietly, "Well, since you are on your worst right now and we still have to do XY/ you'll have to do this at home. What a shame..."
    You'll have to stick to this for a few weeks and you'll see that the bunch of those really disruptive gets smaller.
    It's vital that they realize that you don't do all this because you hate them but because you hate to see perfectly good teaching time being wasted.
    I'm a mother of three and ,trust me, every parent wants to see his child get the most out of lessons.(because you are paying for them to get a decent education)
    I am not above having the parents of the most obnoxious brats call/visit me and have their child explain his / her behaviour to me right in front of them.Little notes their parents have to sign / an e-mail updating their little darling's progress(??) now and again usually work wonders too.
    I hope these suggestions help.
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    Re: handeling a class

    There is a lot you can do. I could write a book about it but will send you to these threads where it's been discussed. Discussion 1 Discussion 2
    Lots of advice mentioned there as well as resources for reference.

    To be brief, the biggest things you should look at (not necessarily in order of importance)

    1. Curriculum (is it too hard, boring?)
    2. Student responsibilities - do they feel "ownership" and a partner in the classroom and learning? We act better if it is our own ....
    3. Rules and consequences. Outlines with the students day 1 ? (use L1, sign a poster contract - teacher too!). Time out area. Red/yellow card.
    4. Positive rewards system (points, bonuses, prizes, applause)
    5. teaching students "how" to learn. Note taking, orderly/modeled instructions, clear highlighted main points, graphic organizers, etc.....
    6. Do you have a clear routine which the students recognize, to each class?
    7. Signalling device, voice control of the teacher.

    Hope this helps. Take a look at the discussions above, they will help.


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