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Thread: get busy

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    get busy

    hi pls sb answer my question i got the lyrics of get busy from web and i didn't get it cos it was so slang now i want u to correct and clear it for me and tell me all the thing about this lyrics this is it

    when the beat drops just keep swinging it get jiggy get crunked up percolate any thing you want to call it oscillate you hip and don't take pitty me want fi see you get live pon the riddim when me rideand me lyrics a provide electricity gal nobody can tell you nuttin can you done know your destiny in a the car with us them nah war with us in a the club them want flex with us them cah vex with us from the day me born jah ignite me flame gal a call me name an d its me fame woman don't sweat it don't get agitate just gwaan rotatecan anything you want you know you must get it from you name a mentuin dont ease the tension just run the program gals want pet it gal free up unu mind caw nobody can dis you man won't let it can you a the number one gal

    thats all about this song if you wanna make sure get the lyrics of get busy song and artist is SEAN PAUL i really didnt know how to show you some parts are very important pls lend me a hand i'll be so grateful the sooner you answer me the better it is however it's all important for me tell me the meaning of underlined words or phrases that you know we cant get them in dictionaries such as unu free up and what you know is good for me to know about this song clear it for me
    thanks in advance

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    Re: get busy

    You will more likely get an answer if you use proper English in your questions. Your post is not easy to read, and too much is in it. Please resubmit with sentences properly identified, and the phrases that cause you problems indicated.

    Thank you

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