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  1. Lovely Star Pipil

    Unhappy Abbreviation

    Hi teachers!
    Question: What does SOS stand for?
    I hope to get a faster reply
    Dawood Usmani

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    Re: Abbreviation

    It can have many meanings. The most usually accepted is "Save Our Souls".

    However, the morse signal calling for assistance is [three dots three dashes three dots >> ... _ _ _...] which is easy and quick to key. These are the codes for "S" and "O".

    People have added the meanings later. Here is a list of alternative phrases: "Save Our Shelby," "Shoot Our Ship", "Sinking Our Ship", "Survivors On Shore","Save our skulls", "Save Our Ship", "Sink Our Ships", "Survivors On Ship", "Save Our Sailors", "Stop Other Signals", "Sink Or Swim", "Send Out Sailors", "Save Our Skins", and "Send Out Someone"

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