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    Arrow Is noun + and + correct?

    Hi teachers!
    Please read the follwoing paragraph and let me know if the connection of two words MUSLIM IDENTITY AND PROUD OF... correct? If not, make the correction please and also see the capitaliztion, punctuations and some other technical mistakes including writing style or manner or standard English because this introduction will be published by an Educational Organization for parents and others and I'll be the sole responsible for all the mistakes or errors.
    " The Yaqeen System of Education is uniquely designed & developed by the experts in response to today's demands of global and knowledge based society that necessitates a Muslims youth - Male & Female, to enter and excel, *competently, * equipped with the best World class Contempopary Knowledge, harmonized with Islamic Values, Culture, Belief, Practice and knowledge of "ILM-E-NABUWAT", Laced with Muslim Identity and Proud of their Islamic heritage."

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    Re: Is noun + and + adjective correct?


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