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    i need a native speaker

    hello to everyone.this is my first message in this forum.i'm a from Turkeyand i'm a university student at English language teaching depertmant.I need a native speaker for my homework,our lecturer gave us some sentences.Could you correct them and explain in some words.Please do not think i'm a lazy student,i need the opinions of native speakers on this mistakes.I'm listing the sentences here:
    1-Kim and Sandy is looking for a new bicycle.
    2-Have you the time?
    3-It ain't nobody going to miss nobody.
    4-I've never put the book.
    5-The boat oated down the river sank.
    6-Nixon disagreed Sandy into the ocean
    7-Aren't I invited to the party?
    8-There is eager to be fty students in this class
    9-There seems to be many reasons for questioning the govenment's immigration policy.
    10-This is the kind of problem that my doctor is easy to talk about.
    There is no mistakes about miswritten words.Could you list the reasons for each sentence? Thanks for everything

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    Re: i need a native speaker

    I think you need to try to find the errors yourself first. We can't do assignments for people here - only help them after they have made their best effort. However, I will tell you that #6 and #8 are so ungrammatical as to be un-understandable.

    [not a teacher]

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