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    "So big a thing"...

    Hi there,

    Writers such as A. Dumas (or rather his first anonymous translator) or A.C. Doyle do not use the construction "Such a big thing", but prefer "So big a thing" instead; 'such' appears only in the contexts where the construction with "so" is impossible. I have found somebody's opinion that using 'so' in this way is common in informal American English, and in the formal language is completely incorrect - but is this really so? Do I run the risk of sounding American if I use the construction?

    I know that modern language doesn't need 'so big a thing' at all, I'm just curious whether it can be used without sounding American. It's hard to find anything about the topic in grammar books.


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    Re: "So big a thing"...

    You will hear it used in British English too, so it doesn't sound exclusively American to my ears.

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