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    Talking in school or at school

    hi.what is the preposition used with school?at or in? if both of them can be right,then what is the difference between them?

    and what is the difference between forest , jungle and woods?

    thanks in advance.

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    Re: in school or at school

    In school indicates Enrollment.

    At school indicates location and participation.

    In the school, also indicates location, although more specific than at school.

    "When I was in school, I learned very little."

    "When I was at school, someone stole my bike."

    "When I was in the school, unbeknownst to me, someone stole my bicycle."

    "At school there was a fire drill."
    (While I was in school attendance there was a fire drill.)

    However you can't say, "In the school there was a fire drill."
    (Fire drills do not take place totally within the walls of a school house.)

    You can say, "In school today, we had a fire drill."

    (While a student in the school we participated in a fire drill.)

    "Damn Jim, you sure schooled him!" ROFL

    (Schooled = taught in that sentence.)

    The twisted TG-Fiction Author

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