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    Looking for Advice

    I want this to sound positive becasue I want what is best for my student. I am needing some advice from some ESL teachers. I am a language arts/history teacher in a middle school. I speak only English. I have a new student that only speaks Spanish. I have all the English/Spanish resources that go with the history series, but have nothing in Spanish for my language arts classes. The ESL teacher said that it is against ESL theory for her to teach her for language arts class, that I must teach this new student the language arts because of content area? The ESL teacher has taken the Spanish speaking student for the history class and is using the history Spanish/English resources. Is there some type of research that would explain to me what this theory is? Not to sound inflexible, but I have 27 other students in that class and teaching the history would be so much easier for me because of the materials that I already have available. (The ESL teacher is not in the classroom with me at all and I have the student entirely to myself with no assistance). Thanks so much...Margaret Ann

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    Re: Looking for Advice

    Are you then not teaching 'English' Language Arts?

    It seems to me that if this student is in your class, she must learn "English" Language Arts, or fail the class.

    Whomever this student's councilor is, has selected this class as part of this student's curriculum and therefore must deem her ready to attempt this class.
    (Although my money is on the councilor is an idiot...)

    Should the student need "Spanish" Language Arts, then she would be enrolled in some other class.

    (Please take this as a tongue in cheek, somewhat smart Alec answer, with threads of truth woven throughout, and a request for some necessary elucidating.)



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