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    Cloud Number Nine

    What does "Cloud Number Nine" mean ?

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    Re: Cloud Number Nine

    "Cloud Nine" indicates a feeling of joy and complete contentment.

    "We gave Junior a new iPod for his birthday, and he's been on Cloud Nine ever since."

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    Re: Cloud Number Nine

    As said above, it means great joy and happiness.

    A slightly more in-depth explanation would be "Semi-religious"
    (Meaning, there is no specific religion in mind; it's just a general silly notion.)

    Referring to the different 'levels of heaven', 1-10.

    Cloud one - "Whew... I barely made it," 'happy'.
    Cloud ten - "God and I are on a first name basis," 'happy'.

    Or it can be looked upon as the different levels the angels reside upon.



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