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    [Tdol's Blog] I am Spartacus

    I am Spartacus

    Over at the TeflTrade blog, Sandy McManus has received another legal demand for material critical of a school to be taken down from his site. This time, his blog host received a letter alleging defamation from Mr Paul Lowe of Windsor TEFL, who appeared in this blog here and also replied to what I said here. In the first case, Abbey College, Malvern demanded that a post that contained a critical description of their summer schools was removed. The original text had appeared on Dave's ESL Cafe and Sandy had reposted it after it was pulled from Dave's.

    Click here to read the full article

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    Re: [Tdol's Blog] I am Spartacus

    This accreditation thing often is a crock of shit. I've seen a lot of accredited teachers who know less than squat about language and even less than that about teaching.

    It is one way to protect your market.

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