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    Question offer or just a wh-q

    when we have a "Can I" in a Wh-q, do we still consider this question as an offer or request? For example, if I say: "where can I buy any/some bananas? Is it with any, because it is a question? or it is some, because we include the "can I" and it is still a request?

    Another question. How is it correct?, To deposit ON the bank, or IN the bank.

    Thank you
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    Re: offer or just a wh-q

    If you're looking for a place that sells fruit, making it possible for you to purchase bananas, then you'd ask "Where can I buy some bananas?" If you used "May I" in this context, it would imply that you needed permission to purchase the bananas.

    When you make a deposit at a financial institution, it's "in the bank."
    Ex: "I'm going to spend half of my paycheck on rent and groceries, and then I'm putting the rest of it in the bank."

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